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Synchronize Pull Request Previews via Scripts


Pull Request Previews are currently only supported in GitHub Actions. More integrations are on the roadmap.

The following Terramate Script is a template that can be used as a starting point for creating a flow that synchronizes previews to Terramate Cloud.

Required Permissions

To gather metadata from GitHub about the pull request associated with the preview, a GITHUB_TOKEN needs to be exposed or a valid GitHub CLI configuration needs to be available.

Command Options

The following options are available in Terramate Scripts and mirror the CLI options with the name:

  • Set cloud_sync_preview = true to let Terramate CLI know about the command that is doing the actual preview and return a detailed exit status to define a successful run that has changed or has no changes detected.
  • Set cloud_sync_terraform_plan_file to the name of the terraform plan to synchronize the deployment details.
  • Set terragrunt = true to use terragrunt for the plan file generation.

Terramate Script Config

The script is executed with terramate script run --changed terraform preview to synchronize previews for all changed stacks in a pull request.

script "terraform" "preview" {
  name        = "Terraform Deployment Preview"
  description = "Create a preview of Terraform Changes and synchronize it to Terramate Cloud."

  job {
    name        = "Terraform Plan"
    description = "Initialize, validate, and plan Terraform changes."
    commands = [
      ["terraform", "init", "-lock-timeout=5m"],
      ["terraform", "validate"],
      ["terraform", "plan", "-out", "preview.tfplan", "-detailed-exitcode", "-lock=false", {
        cloud_sync_preview             = true
        cloud_sync_terraform_plan_file = "preview.tfplan"