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Start with existing Terraform Projects โ€‹

Import Existing Terraform Stacks โ€‹

To create Terramate Stacks from existing Terraform Root Modules run the following command.

terramate create --all-terraform

This command will detect existing Terraform Root modules and create a stack configuration in them.

Terramate Features for Terraform Repositories โ€‹

All Terramate features are now available to your team.

The following set of features highlights some special benefits:

  • Use Terramate Change Detection to orchestrate Terraform in an efficient way
  • Execute any command within stacks imported from terraform configuration.
  • Run Terraform in any CI/CD following the Terramate Automation Blueprints and examples.
  • Make use of Terramates advanced Code Generation and Globals to share data more easily.
  • Synchronize deployments, drift runs, and previews to Terramate Cloud and get
    • Visibility of the Health of all Terraform Configurations over multiple repositories
    • Drift Detection in all Stacks
    • Pull Request Previews for actual changes
    • Notifications on deployment failures or newly detected drifts
    • Advanced collaboration and alert routing

Run Terraform Commands โ€‹

List all Stacks โ€‹

Any Terramate CLI Feature is now available in your Stacks.

terramate list

Init Terraform โ€‹

terramate run -- terraform init

Create a Terraform Plan in parallel โ€‹

terramate run --parallel 5 -- terraform plan -out plan.tfplan

Apply a Terraform Plan in Changed Stacks โ€‹

terramate run --changed -- terraform apply -out plan.tfplan -auto-approve