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tm_formatlist Function

tm_formatlist produces a list of strings by formatting a number of other values according to a specification string.

tm_formatlist(spec, values...)

The specification string uses the same syntax as format.

The given values can be a mixture of list and non-list arguments. Any given lists must be the same length, which decides the length of the resulting list.

The list arguments are iterated together in order by index, while the non-list arguments are used repeatedly for each iteration. The format string is evaluated once per element of the list arguments.


tm_formatlist("Hello, %s!", ["Valentina", "Ander", "Olivia", "Sam"])
  "Hello, Valentina!",
  "Hello, Ander!",
  "Hello, Olivia!",
  "Hello, Sam!",
tm_formatlist("%s, %s!", "Salutations", ["Valentina", "Ander", "Olivia", "Sam"])
  "Salutations, Valentina!",
  "Salutations, Ander!",
  "Salutations, Olivia!",
  "Salutations, Sam!",
  • tm_format defines the specification syntax used by this function and produces a single string as its result.