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Language Server (terramate-ls)

The terramate-ls program is the Terramate Language Server, a tool that implements the LSP (Language Server Protocol) and then provides the same set of features to all editors that implement the protocol.


The terramate-ls is distributed alongside the terramate binary. Check the installation page for details.

For details about how to setup it in your editor, check the editors documentation.


When using terramate-ls whenever a file changes or is saved, the editor shows diagnostic messages.

See image below:



The documentation below only matters for editor's plugin maintainers.


This command creates a stack in the project's workspace. The supported arguments are:

  • uri=<target directory> (required): The target directory.
  • genid=true (optional): If the must be generated or not.
  • name=<name of the stack> (optional): The name of the stack.
  • description=<stack description> (optional): The description of the stack.

The command arguments are sent as a list of strings:

["uri=file:///some/path/dir", "name=my stack"]