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Script Info

Note: This is an upcoming experimental feature that is subject to change in the future. To use it now, you must enable the project config option terramate.config.experiments = ["scripts"]

The terramate script info command lists details about all script definitions matching the given LABELs (see script run command for details about matching labels). The information provided by script info includes:

DefinitionWhere the script is defined
DescriptionThe description attribute in the script
StacksThe stacks within the scope of the script (i.e. those stacks it can run on)
JobsThe commands that comprise the script

This information is always relative to the current directory (or the value of -C).

**Note: ** Scripts with the same name that are overridden in child directories are considered separate scripts.


terramate script info LABEL...


Show information about a script called "deploy" defined at /

$ terramate script info deploy
Definition: /,1-8,2
Description: dummy deploy
  * ["echo","deploying ${global.env}"]