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The globals block

Use the globals block to define global variables and access them in the global namespace via global.<variable-name>. You can define globals at any level of your project hierarchy and set different globals for various configurations (a set of Terramate files specific to a directory). Follow these rules when defining globals:

  • Redefining a globals identifier in the same directory causes a conflict/error.
  • Multiple globals blocks defined at different hierarchy levels result in the child block overriding the same globals identifiers in the parent block.
  • Multiple globals blocks defined at the same hierarchy level merge the unique globals identifiers.
  • Importing a globals file preserves the original hierarchy level of the imported globals.



globals {
  <variable-name> = <expression>


When you run commands from a stack, Globals (global.) and Metadata (terramate.) are available and are evaluated lazily within the context of that stack.

# stacks/bob/

stack {
  name        = "Bob"
  description = "Bob's first stack"
  id          = "f4b30f69-9f40-49b0-ab98-395ff07c784f"

globals "terraform" {
  version = "1.8.0"

terramate {
  config {
    run {
      env {
        TERRAFORM_VERSION = global.terraform.version