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Importing configurations using the import block

Each configuration can import other configurations using the import block.

Imported files are handled as if they are in the directory of the importing file. Duplicated blocks will be merged.

The import block does not support merging of its attributes and multiple blocks can be defined in the same file or directory given that their source attributes are different. In other words, each file can only be imported once into a single configuration set.

An imported file can import other files but cycles are not allowed.

Argument reference of the import block

  • source (required block) The source must reference a file using a relative path or an absolute path relative to the project's root. Only files inside the project can be imported and they must be from disjoint directories, which means you cannot import files from parent directories as they're already visible in the child configuration.


Import a single file

import {
    # import a specific file
    source = "/imports/"

Glob import all files inside a directory

import {
    # import all files in a directory
    source = "/imports/*.tm.hcl"