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Running Terramate in Automation

One of the most important capabilities of Terramate is to leverage CI/CD platforms such as GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, BitBucket Pipelines, Azure DevOps, and others for cost-effective Terraform and OpenTofu automation and collaboration.

This enables you to automate the orchestration of your IaC stacks using GitOps workflows and comes with the following benefits:

  • GitOps for infrastructure: Move fast using a declarative, single source of truth with an auditable history and change management controls. Be more productive and reliable. Provide a better Developer Experience by building on top of tools your team already knows.
  • Run in any existing CI/CD: Terramate helps you to achieve the best automation and collaboration experience when working with Terraform and OpenTofu in any CI/CD. This means you can reuse existing infrastructure, collaboration features, audit logs and security.
  • Design your workflows without limitations: Configure limitless workflows. Whether you prefer merge-and-apply or apply-and-merge; we got you covered.
  • Integrate any existing tooling: Integrate third-party toolings such as Infracost, Trivy, terrascan, checkov, OPA, Kyverno, Sentinel and others into your workflows. Terramate allows you to integrate and run any tool.
  • Reduce execution time of existing pipelines: Parallel runs and change detection allows orchestrating stacks containing changes only and running those in parallel.
  • No extra budget needed: Enable cost-effective automation for IaC by integrating with your existing CI/CD instead of paying for an additional and expensive platform.
  • Maximum Security: Using your existing CI/CD limits the number of privileged platforms in your organization. There's no need to provide an additional platform with access to your cloud accounts.


The following sections provide examples explaining how to use Terramate in automation using popular platforms such as GitHub Actions.