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Manage stacks

This page provides an overview of all available commands in Terramate CLI that help you maintain and understand your stacks.

Ensure all stacks have IDs

Ensures that all stacks in the project have IDs. If Terramate detects any stacks with missing IDs, UUIDs will be created and configured automatically.

terramate create --ensure-stack-ids

List stacks

The list command lists all Terramate stacks in the current directory recursively. These can be additionally filtered based on Terramate Cloud status with the --status=<status> filter (valid statuses are documented on the trigger page).


See the following example to understand how filters can be used with the list command.

List all stacks

terramate list

List all stacks in a given path

terramate list -C subdir/

List all stacks filtered by tags

terramate list --tags terraform,kubernetes

List all stacks that contain changes

terramate list --changed

Combining multiple filters

terramate list -C subdir/ --tags terraform,kubernetes --changed

Manually mark stacks as changed

The trigger command forcibly marks a stack as "changed" even if it doesn't contain any code changes according to the change detection.

terramate experimental trigger <stack>

For details, please see the trigger documentation.