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Stacks and Stack Status Visibility

The Stacks list helps you to keep an overview of all stacks managed with Terramate.


Stacks combine infrastructure code, state (often managed in a remote backend), and configuration to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure as isolated units.

Stacks Overview

That can be created and configured with Terramate CLI, located in a repository and synced to Terramate Cloud.

As the stack within a repository is only plain code and configuration, Terramate Cloud offers to synchronize a state of all stacks when orchestrated with Terramate CLI and keep track of this state over multiple deployments or drift runs.

The state of a stack is not to be confused with a Terraform state defined by the Terraform Backend Configuration. Still, the Terramate Cloud State of a stack includes this information and extends it with multiple status values and metadata.

In addition, stack visibility is not limited to single stacks or single repositories but combines all stacks in all your organization's repositories in a central place.

Each stack can be healthy or unhealthy (e.g. failed or drifted) depending on the result of deployments or drift runs.