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Partial Eval


This is an experimental command and is likely subject to change in the future.

The terramate experimental partial-eval command allows you to partial evaluate a Terramate expression. The difference to eval is that only the Terramate variables and Terramate functions are evaluated, all the rest is left in the expression as is.

Similarly to experimental eval, for security reasons the partial-eval does not support filesystem related functions. Below is the list of functions not available in this command:

  • tm_abspath,
  • tm_file
  • tm_fileexists
  • tm_fileset
  • tm_filebase64
  • tm_filebase64sha256
  • tm_filebase64sha512
  • tm_filemd5
  • tm_filesha1
  • tm_filesha256
  • tm_filesha512
  • tm_templatefile


terramate experimental partial-eval EXPRS


Evaluate an expression that returns the uppercase version of the current stack name:

terramate experimental partial-eval '"${var.variable} ${tm_upper(}"'
"${var.variable} MY STACK"