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Terramate Functions can be used in most places where interpolation of expressions is supported.

Terramate provides the same built-in functions as Terraform v0.15.13 but prefixed with tm_.

They can be used to do calculations on top of data structures. Terramate supports most of the functions known in Terraform, but all Terramate Functions are prefixed with tm_ to identify them in partial code generation and execute them at build time.

For example, to use the try function when evaluating a global:

globals {
  a = tm_try(global.b, null)

Will work exactly as Terraform's try function. Terramate also provides some custom functions of its own.

To define each function prototype we use with a small pseudo language where each parameter is defined just with its type and -> type to indicate a return type, if any.

Most types are self explanatory, one special type though would be expr. When expr is used it means an expression that may not be evaluated into a value of a specific type. This is important for functions that uses partially evaluated expressions as parameters and may return expressions themselves.