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Synchronize Pull Request Previews in Automation


Pull Request Previews are currently only supported in GitHub Actions. More integrations are on the roadmap.

Automation Blueprints

Terramate CLI can run in any CI/CD and we provide Blueprints for various CI/CD platforms:

Required Permission

To gather metadata from GitHub about the pull request associated with the preview, a GITHUB_TOKEN needs to be exposed or a valid GitHub CLI configuration needs to be available.

Best Practices

  • Restrict elevated access to your cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure) and access to Terraform State to automation flows.
  • Use OpenID Connect (OIDC) to authenticate to your Cloud Provider to use short-lived credentials - Terramate CLI uses OIDC by default.
  • Ensure that all drift checks run on all stacks even if some errors are detected using the --continue-on-error command line option
  • Run a Drift Check right after the deployment and synchronize the result to Terramate Cloud to get an immediate health check and ensure the deployment is stable.
  • Run a Drift Check at least every 24 hours to get a detailed history of when drifts were introduced.
  • Set up notifications to get informed about newly detected drifts in stacks