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Code Generator and Orchestrator for Terraform

Terramate adds powerful capabilities such as code generation, stacks, orchestration, change detection, data sharing and more to Terraform.


Easily split up your Terraform state into multiple isolated stacks.

Orchestration & Change Detection

Orchestrate your stacks so only stacks that have changed within a specific pull request are executed.

Data Sharing

Global variables empower you to share data between a bunch of stacks.

Code Generation

Generate any Terraform or HCL code to keep your configuration DRY.

CI/CD (coming soon)

Sophisticated and collaborative CI/CD workflows. Review changes in Pull Requests.

Asset Inventory Management (coming soon)

Connect all your cloud accounts and identify non-IaC managed resources.

Observability (coming soon)

Detect and resolve drifts. Observe deployment metrics, stack health and create actionable alerts.

Codify existing Infrastructure (coming soon)

Codify and import cloud resources into Terraform.