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Product Update

Product Update: Terramate 0.4.0 — Road to Terramate Cloud

Terramate's latest update, version 0.4.0, marks a significant leap towards the anticipated launch of Terramate Cloud, enhancing the experience for teams managing Terraform projects. This update simplifies the integration process into existing Terraform projects, introduces new features like glob imports, and streamlines documentation for a better user experience. Additionally, the inclusion of experimental support for Terramate Cloud and the integration of the Terramate Language Server directly into the main repository signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric development. Looking forward, Terramate is not only focusing on enriching its feature set but also engaging with the community through the Terramate Cloud Design Partner Program, inviting users to contribute to the evolution of this promising platform.

Sören Martius
Sören Martius
· 2 min read
Product Update: Terramate 0.4.0 — Road to Terramate Cloud

For all teams using Terramate to manage Terraform, we are excited to announce the release of Terramate v0.4.0 , which brings us one step further to the launch of Terramate Cloud.

Onboarding Terramate in existing Terraform Projects can now be done with a single command

You can now easily onboard Terramate in your existing Terraform Projects. The terramate create --all-terraform creates stacks by detecting directories that contain any terraform.backend or provider blocks.

Glob Imports

Terramate now allows importing multiple files in the same import statement using glob imports .

New and improved documentation

We completely updated the documentation . All Command Line Interface (CLI) commands are now properly documented also.

Ensure Stacks are configured properly

We added terramate create --ensure-stack-ids which helps create stack UUIDs in stacks that do not have a set to support easier upgrading of legacy configurations.

Experimental Support for Terramate Cloud

We added terramate experimental cloud is yet another step toward Terramate Cloud. This helps you to authenticate and work with Terramate Cloud operations.

Terramate Language Server is now part of the Terramate repository

We migrated the Terramate Language Server into the main Terramate repository to have it closer to the development of Terramate and to benefit from new features out of the box.


In the next few weeks, we will focus on publishing more guides and examples for the Terramate Community. One of the most requested topics is reference architectures for AWS and Google Cloud, which our team already started to work on.

Terramate Cloud Design Partner Program

We are working hard on bringing Terramate Cloud to the market later this year. Earlier this month, we started a private design phase with a selected range of partners to collect feedback on the development of the product.

Welcome you to join our design partner program. If you are interested in joining, I encourage you to fill out our application form or by reaching out to us directly in our Discord Community .

Soren is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Terramate. Prior to founding Terramate, he consulted companies such as Flink, 1Komma5 and Nothing to design and implement cloud- and internal developer platforms.