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Introducing Terramate v0.6.0 - Terragrunt Change Detection

Learn more about the recent Terramate v0.6.0 release, which comes with support for Terragrunt Change Detection to help you orchestrate Terragrunt stacks that contain changes only.

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Annu Singh
· 1 min read
Terramate 0-6-0 Terragrunt Change Detection

We're thrilled to introduce Terramate v0.6.0, which makes your Terraform, OpenTofu and Terragrunt deployments easier and better. In this release, we've ramped up our integration with Terragrunt, so now you can easily send Terraform plans to Terramate Cloud and enjoy better change detection for hassle-free deployments. Let's explore some notable updates introduced in this version:

Enhanced Terragrunt Integration

  • Sending Terragrunt-Generated Terraform Plans to Terramate Cloud: Terraform plans generated with Terragrunt can now be sent to Terramate Cloud using the -terragrunt flag.
  • Enhanced Terragrunt Change Detection: Terramate now better detects changes introduced by Terragrunt-specific configurations, including:
    1. Included Files via include Blocks: Terramate now tracks changes in files included through include blocks.
    2. Tracking Dependencies (dependency and dependencies Blocks): Terramate detects changes in files using dependencies specified in dependency and dependencies blocks. For example, if a dependency changes, Terramate includes files that have utilized the changed dependencies as part of the detected changes.
    3. Recognizing Files Accessed via Function Calls: Terramate can detect changes by recognizing files accessed through function calls such as read_terragrunt_config() and read_tfvars_file() . This means that if any of these function calls are used to access files that have changed, Terramate will identify these changes during its detection process.
    4. Identifying Local terraform.source Blocks: Terramate captures changes in files specified within local terraform.source blocks accurately.

Breaking Changes:

  1. Removal of the terramate.config.git.default_branch_base_ref option.
  2. Disallowing code generation of HCL and plain files inside dot directories.

Additional Changes:

For a detailed list of all changes, please refer to the .

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Annu is a Developer Advocate at Terramate. He has a software engineering and technical writing background, working primarily with Go to contribute to open-source projects in the cloud-native domain. Despite working at Terramate, Annu is also a community manager at