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tm_hcl_expression Function

This function receives a string as parameter and return the string contents as an expression. It is particularly useful to circumvent some limitations on HCL and Terraform when building complex expressions from dynamic data.

Since this function produces an expression, not a final evaluated value, it is only allowed to be used on contexts where partial evaluation is allowed, which currently is only the generate_hcl.content block.

The function signature is:

tm_hcl_expression(string) -> expr


To use tm_hcl_expression, lets say we have a global named data defined like this:

globals {
  data = "data"

You can use this global to build a complex expression when generation code, like this:

generate_hcl "test.hcl" {
    content {
        expr = tm_hcl_expression("${}")

Which will generate:

expr =